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Базы данных для аналитики

We supply our clients with various sets of geodata that will provide a transparent, standardized approach to the analysis and selection of locations for your information systems and projects

Databases for Analytics


Information about population density and distribution will allow you to accurately estimate the volume of potential audience in any location, both for analyzing a specific location and for planning delivery zones and other tasks

Detail down to the house

Permanent audience
Data for all major cities
Car traffic

Do you want to know how many potential clients pass near your property every day? Detailed traffic data can help you answer this question

Mobile data
High detail
Data verified using several sources
Pedestrian traffic

Pedestrian flow and location permeability are among the fundamental geomarketing factors for the success of an object. We provide pedestrian traffic data with maximum detail

High detail
Daytime activity
Number of people at each point
Population Income

Detailed data on income levels reflect different levels of paying capacity of the audience within the location, which can be a decisive factor for the successful operation of the facility

Income level
Audience settings
Indicators of existence and characteristics of target groups
Data on request
We provide services for collecting various spatial data:
  • information about the competitive environment
  • new buildings
  • traffic generators
  • offers for rent/sale of commercial residential real estate and much more