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Get access to all the necessary data and geomarketing analysis tools
using the SmartLoc System

SmartLoc System

Система SmartLoc
GEOMARKETING CLOUD SERVICE will help reduce risks,
save time and find optimal locations for your business
  • Working with geodata

    • Clear visualization of a large thematic data set
    • Uploading and editing client data
    • Various sections of information: maps, tables, summary statistics on the territory
  • Analysis of service areas

    • Research of any cities and territories
    • Determining the boundaries of transport and pedestrian accessibility
    • Selecting a workload mode taking into account multi-temporal patterns
  • Assessing audience parameters

    • Determining the population size of a random area
    • Differentiation by income level
    • Data on new buildings to assess audience growth potential
  • Monitoring the competitive environment

    • Visualization of the location of competitors' facilities
    • Determining competitor service areas
    • Calculation of the saturation level of the local market
  • Traffic allocation

    • Detailed pedestrian and car traffic data
    • Multiple levels of detail for different depths of analysis
    • Visualization of the placement of traffic generator objects
  • Huff Model

    • Determining the penetration level and volume of the potential audience
    • Finding areas with high potential to attract additional audiences
    • The answer to the question “Where can we expect clients?”
  • Real estate rental and sale offers

    • Monitoring the latest offers
    • Enrichment of offers with geographical factors
    • Rapid assessment of new premises
  • Revenue forecasting

    • Turnover forecast model for a specific network
    • Analysis of the maximum number of factors
    • Using Machine Learning Algorithms