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Геомаркетинговые исследования

Based on our experience, we offer our clients a full range of geomarketing services in various areas. We take into account the individual characteristics of your business and are confident that cooperation with us will contribute to its effective development

Geomarketing Research

SMARTLOC offers different types of RESEARCH based on your BUSINESS GOALS

Choosing cities and regions
for development
Using the experience of similar projects
and up-to-date information on key indicators of socio-economic development of cities, as well as the characteristics of your business and competitors, we will help reduce risks and choose the optimal directions for expansion
Location analysis
Geomarketing analysis of location or
object in report-presentation format,
which includes both basic elements (building accessibility zones, audience analysis, competition) and advanced ones (calculating the coverage area, “what-if” modeling), calculating turnover and other materials important for understanding the environment of the object and the potential of the location
Forecast of turnover
and attendance
Search and identification of the most important factors using deep spatial analysis (data science) and machine learning algorithms,
as well as extensive experience in cooperation with many market players, allows us to create accurate models for forecasting turnover and attendance for our clients
Research according
to your request
Our experts will help you select and formulate the best solution for your task. Thanks to the experience that our specialists have, data sets and geoanalytics tools, we carry out a wide variety of geomarketing projects and love new and non-standard tasks